Artist Statement

Brandon Hodges' artistic narrative begins in the east suburbs of the Bay Area, California, where a challenging childhood sculpted his creative path. Transitioning between his parents’ homes post-divorce, Hodges navigated an environment of contrasts - warmth from his mother's nurturing support and cold from his father's manipulation and abuse. This led to a rich internal world early on where he could find escape and comfort. Externally, art, play, and technology became a refuge, allowing him to channel his complex feelings. These early creative pursuits included drawing, Legos, action figures, Rube Goldberg Machines, immersing himself in digital realms, and storytelling through video editing.

Despite feeling alienated and misunderstood, Hodges harbored a belief in a destined purpose, a drive that was rekindled in his early 20s through a relationship that exposed him to new artistic perspectives. Influenced by giants like Basquiat, Warhol, Van Gogh, Rauschenberg, de Kooning, Duchamp, Nam June Paik, Dubuffet, Banksy, and Kusama, he embarked on a self-taught journey, blending their techniques with his unique vision. Hodges' art champions positivity, love, and acceptance, employing a vibrant mix of animals, nature, and otherworldly themes to invite adults to rediscover their inner child.

His first formal foray into art began in 2020, quickly gaining traction on Instagram. His early participation in group shows and the Oakland Art Library led to his first solo exhibition, "Of the Neighborhood: Collected Sculptures,” at Uma Gallery Oakland in June 2023. Here, Hodges showcased his skill in transforming discarded materials into art that questions consumerism and celebrates resilience, echoing the diverse experiences of neighborhood life.

Despite his recent entry into the art world, Hodges' impact is tangible - from international sales via his website to representation by Curina and collaborations ranging from album cover art to apparel design. His work has been highlighted in various publications and online platforms. He currently lives and works in Oakland, California, with his pug and two cats. 

Artistic Journey and Achievements


  • Began painting formally for the first time in April-May.

  • Shared first Instagram post on artist account in August, growing from 40 to over 6,050 followers.


  • Participated in a group show titled "Anything Goes" at a local non-profit gallery in the fall.

  • Entered art into the Oakland Art Library for rental and purchase options.

  • Launched personal website and e-commerce platform in July.

  • Commissioned to create the largest collage to date for a collector in October.

  • Commissioned by a clothing company to design a graphic in August.

  • Featured in a psychedelic art group show.

  • Participated in the "Pancakes and Booze" group show.

  • Interviewed and represented by Curina, a New York-based company that rents and sells art.


  • Exhibited in the "TrapxArt" show in October.

  • Participated in a group show titled "WTF"


  • Hosted first solo show "Of the Neighborhood: Collected Sculptures" in June.


  • Commissioned by a record label in January to design cover art for a compilation album.

  • Scheduled to participate in an exhibition in Summer

Ongoing Achievements and Recognitions