Artist Statement

Based in Oakland, my work is a multifaceted exploration spanning painting, sculpture, and music (The Painted Road and Exactly Fine). While I utilize premium art materials, like hand-stretched linen canvases, I also repurpose found and recycled materials, giving life to art that stands against urban pollution and overconsumption.
But my art delves deeper. It's an emotional alchemy. As someone innately empathetic, I often feel the weight of global issues and personal traumas – from mental health struggles, to loneliness, death, and complex relationships. Through art, I navigate these emotions, often in bright color, painting the joy I wish to see, and strive to bring, in the world. These colors become my therapy, mending the fractured parts within me.
Simultaneously, my pieces challenge societal norms, critiquing corrupt institutions and the facets of capitalism. At times, I capture the zeitgeist of pop and internet culture, elevating it into the realm of fine art. My artistic journey is a continuous reflection, echoing both my internal landscape and the world around me.